Alice Cortes

Executive Director, Administration, Taxi & Limousine Commission Division of Roadway Repair & Maintenance

Alicia West

Director, Public Design Outreach, Department of Environmental Protection Bureau of Public Affairs & Communications

Alicia Calev

Director, Bronx Regional Office, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Bureau of Early Intervention , Division of Family & Child Health

Alicia Hyndman

State Assembly Member, Legislature of the State of NY Dist. 29 , State Assembly Members from Queens County , NY State Assembly Members from New York City

Alicia Glen

Deputy Mayor for Housing & Economic Development, Center for Innovation through Data Intelligence Deputy Mayor for Housing & Economic Development

Alicka Ampry-Samuel

Deputy Leader, City Council Officers of the Council

Alicka Ampry-Samuel

Member of City Council, City Council 41st Council District , Borough of Brooklyn , Members of the Council

Alida Camp

Chair, Community Boards Board No. 08 , Manhattan

Alina Moran

CEO, Health and Hospitals Corporation NYC Health + Hospitals/Metropolitan , Hospitals & Institutions Under Jurisdiction of NYC Health + Hospitals

Alisa Fuentes

Deputy City Clerk, City Clerk

Alisia Gill

Chief of Staff, Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications Office of the Chief of Staff

Alison Bonfoey

Deputy Commissioner, Regulatory Compliance & Background Investigations, Business Integrity Commission

Allan Berg

Chief, Budget, Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City Administration

Allan Swisher

Acting General Counsel, Queens Borough President

Allan Fromberg

Deputy Commissioner, Taxi & Limousine Commission Office of Public Affairs

Allan Swisher

Acting General Counsel, Manhattan Borough President