Yumiko Ikuta

Director, Rehabilitation Program, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Bureau of Mental Health , Division of Mental Hygiene

Yves Jean-Louis

Site Manager, Social Services Administration Hamilton Office , Manhattan , HIV/AIDS Services Administration (HASA)

Yves Jeanty

Director, Strategic Methods & Analytics, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Bureau of System Strengthening & Access , Division of Mental Hygiene

Yvette Gruel

Calendar Officer, City Planning Commission

Yvonne Reddick

District Manager, Community Boards Board No. 12 , Queens

Yvonne Nelson

Head of Real Estate, Office of the Comptroller Asset Management

Yvonne Hill-Donald

Vice President, Human Resources, Metropolitan Transportation Authority MTA Metro-North Railroad

Zachary Withers

Senior Advisor, Legal & Policy, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Bureau of Primary Care Information Project , Division of Prevention Primary Care

Zachary Carter

Corporation Counsel, Law Department

Zeeshan Ott

Director, Governmental Affairs, Taxi & Limousine Commission Intergovernmental & Community Affairs

Zenovia Earle

Director, NYS Office for the Aging Office of Public Affairs , Bureau of External Affairs

Ziyi Pan

Director, Quality Management, Social Services Administration Adult Protective Services , Office of Emergency & Intervention Services (EIS)

Zodet Negron

Director, Communications, Landmarks Preservation Commission

Zoe Davidson

Chief of Staff, Metropolitan Transportation Authority MTA Capital Construction Company

Zoe Ann Campbell

Deputy Commissioner, Department of Environmental Protection Human Resources , Labor Relations & Discipline