Ada Molina

Borough Chief Clerk, Municipal Credit Union Richmond County , Criminal Court of the City of New York

Adaline Walker-Santiago

Chair, Community Boards Board No. 07 , Bronx

Adam Zeller

Executive Director, Budget & Capital Program Management, Taxi & Limousine Commission Financial Management , Division of Finance, Contracting & Program Management

Adam Rockman

Vice President, Student Affairs, City University of New York Queens College , Senior Colleges

Adam Alweiss

Director, Department of Design and Construction Staten Island , Construction Borough Offices , Infrastructure Division

Adam Buchanan

Assistant Commissioner/Agency ACCO, Civil Service Commission Office of Citywide Procurement

Adam Reaves

Director, Water Treatment Operations, Department of Environmental Protection Bureau of Water Supply

Adam Rosenbloom

Chief Financial Officer, Metropolitan Transportation Authority MTA Capital Construction Company

Adam Conanan

Assistant Chief, SWM Export, Department of Sanitation Solid Waste Management , Operations

Adam Zurofsky

Deputy Secretary, Energy, Governor's Office

Adam Buchanan

Deputy ACCO, Ferries & Administration, Taxi & Limousine Commission Agency Chief Contracting Office , Office of the Executive Deputy Commissioner for Strategic & Agency Services

Adam Eagle

Director, Administration, NYC Housing Authority Capital Projects

Adam Karp

Director, Tort Claims, Office of the Comptroller Tort Settlement Division , Bureau of Law & Adjustment

Adaryll Taylor

Chief of Staff & Administration, Taxi & Limousine Commission Division of Traffic Planning & Management

Adele Bartlett

General Counsel, Manhattan Borough President

Adeleke Seidi-Gbamuse

Director, Emergency Relief Programs, Taxi & Limousine Commission Grants Administration , Division of Finance, Contracting & Program Management