The New York City Council creates the laws that govern the city. These laws can change the city charter, administrative code and agency rules, affecting how agencies operate.

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As part of the 1898 consolidation of New York City, the New York State Legislature enacted a charter for the consolidated city. The Charter was overhauled in 1989, after the New York City Board of Estimate had been declared unconstitutional, to redistribute power from the Board of Estimate to the Mayor and City Council.

Administrative Code

This document contains the codified local laws of New York City. The Constitution of New York enumerates the powers of local governments, such as the power to elect a legislative body and adopt local laws. A local law has a status equivalent with a law enacted by the Legislature (subject to certain exceptions and restrictions).


This document contains the compiled rules and regulations (delegated legislation) of New York City government agencies.[1][2] It contains approximately 6000 rules and regulations in 71 titles, each covering a different City agency.[1][2] The City Record is the official journal of New York City.[3][4]